Friday, April 11, 2008

Review: Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS [9.5/10]

Finally, I have finished the game that have been on my DS for the past few months. It is actually pretty long, but darn is it worth the effort. 

Gameplay is fantastic, and it works surprisingly well and intuitively with the stylus. I also like the interactive and innovative ways that the whole DS handheld is utilised for gaming. There are times when you have to blow, shout, etc.; all very exciting stuff. 

Famitsu, a respected Japanese gaming publication, gave it a near perfect score of 39/40, only the 17th game to be given this score. And I have to admit, this game is truly near perfect. There were only a few things that I think might have contributed to that score. One of them being the repetitiveness of the Temple of the Ocean King. You had to redo all the levels of it over and over again, even though you've possibly done it about ten times. 

Nevertheless, it's still a fantastic game. Story line is pretty decent and as in previous Zeldas, you start to develop a rapport and liking for the other peripheral characters. I was truly sad when I finally defeated the final boss (which was a little too easy for me to kill in my humble opinion).

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